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Approved by a vote of the membership, October 2017

All Seasons Orchestra, an activity of the City of Arcata, serves the North Coast community by enriching the experience of musicians of all ages and abilities through friendly, supportive, mentored rehearsal, and by promoting the enjoyment of music through free, public performance.


Approved by a vote of the membership, October 2017


  1. All Seasons Orchestra exists as an activity of the City of Arcata Department of Parks and Recreation. Everything is done in coordination and collaboration with it.
  2. The membership of the All Seasons Orchestra consists of the musicians, conductor(s), musical director, and members of the Working Group.
  3. All Seasons Orchestra is guided and run through active participation of the members of the Working Group which may include: Manager(s), Conductor(s), Musical Director, Section Leaders, Concert Master, Librarian(s), Publicity Coordinator, Recruitment Coordinator, Flier and Program Editor, Web Master, Equipment Wrangler, Liaison to Friends of the All Seasons Orchestra, Welcoming Committee, and others who have interest and commitment.  Individuals may hold multiple positions.
  4. The Working Group meets as appropriate at the discretion of the Manager(s). In addition, any two members of the WG may call on the Manager(s) to hold a meeting for any specific purpose.
  5. Members of the Working Group consult widely among the members of the orchestra as appropriate.
  6. Artistic decisions are the purview of the Conductor in consultation with the Assistant Conductor and the Musical Director. Artistic issues include:  Selection of music; Organization of rehearsals; Setting the concert order; Auditioning small ensembles to supplement our concert programs; Disposition and availability of musical resources such as instruments and music owned by the orchestra.
  1. Operational decisions are the purview of the Manager(s) in consultation with the Working Group. Either the Manager(s) or 4 members of the WG may call for a vote of the membership on any issue at any time. Operational issues include: Scheduling of timing and location of concerts; Transportation of instruments to off-site concert locations; Relations with the City of Arcata; Relations with our concert venues; Financial issues.
  1. Policy decisions are subject to membership ratification. Policy issues include:          Adoption of and changes to the mission statement; Adoption of and changes to bylaws;  Adoption of and major changes to Musician’s Handbook. Membership ratification is by simple majority vote of all of the members voting.  Votes may be cast at any regular rehearsal or special meeting called for that purpose, or they may be cast via email.  Email votes must be received by the manager 24 hours prior to the rehearsal or meeting scheduled for the vote.  Policy issues will be distributed in writing via email to the membership at least 2 weeks before voting.
  1. Whenever possible, concert dates and rehearsal calendar are set one year in advance through the collaboration of the Manager(s), Musical Director, and Conductor(s), and others as necessary. Wherever possible, conflicts with other major musical events (Eureka Symphony, Humboldt State University, and other major events) should be avoided.
  2. Members of the Working Group are appointed by the Manager(s) in consultation with the Working Group. Term of office is one year concluded by reappointment at the mutual agreement of the Manager(s) (in consultation with the membership) and the individual, annually in September.
  3. The Manager(s) is nominated by a vote of the WG, confirmed by a vote of the membership, and approved by the City of Arcata annually in September.
  4. ASO is assisted by Friends of All Seasons Orchestra.


Manager(s):  Relations with the City of Arcata, enrollment, registration, dues, administering the Rodden Fund and scholarships, developing the concert schedule, relations with our concert venues and partners, personnel issues, leadership.

Conductor(s):  Conducting the orchestra, selecting music in collaboration with the Musical Director and the Assistant Conductor, leading the musicians to understand the history and background of the music and the intentions of the composer, planning rehearsals, interpreting musical scores and communicating that interpretation to the musicians.

Musical Director:  Orchestra development, assisting the Conductor in developing a musical program for concerts, musician development, mentoring the conductor, working with the librarians to develop the music collection.

Section Leaders:  Assessing the needs of the musicians in your section, mentoring the musicians in your section where appropriate, helping to establish mentoring relationships between musicians of diverse abilities as appropriate, assessing needs for musical instruments or rehearsal and concert set up and communicating them to the manager(s) and/or conductor.

Concert Master:  Leadership among the strings, particularly the upper strings, bowing marking of the upper string parts, tuning the orchestra, intonation of the orchestra and appropriate instruction to the orchestra on intonation, mentoring of string players and helping to establish mentoring relationships between string players, and all other Section Leader Duties for the string sections.

Librarian(s):  Curation of the music collection, assuring that the music collection will be useful in perpetuity, acquisition of new music in collaboration with the Musical Director and the Conductor, removal of music that is not appropriate for ASO in collaboration with the Musical Director,  assuring sheet music is in a playable condition and that adequate copies are available, distributing music to the musicians, collecting the music after a concert set and returning it to archival condition for storage, maintaining the storage facilities and resources, providing support for the conductor and musical director as they select music for concert sets.  Developing electronic archives. Maintaining the sheet music data base. Maintaining the archives of ASO including past programs, newspaper articles, player information forms, bylaws, musician’s handbook, and standard operating procedures.

Publicity Coordinator:  Assuring that the ASO and its activities have an appropriate level of visibility in the community.

Recruitment Coordinator:  Assuring that the ASO has a sufficiently large and balanced roster of musicians for the performance of its repertoire.

Flier and Program Editor:  Developing a program and a flier for each concert.

Web Master: Developing and maintaining a web presence for ASO, and coordinating with the City of Arcata assuring that our web presence on their pages is accessible, accurate and appropriate.

Equipment Wrangler:  Assuring equipment and instruments are present and arranged for all rehearsals and concerts, renting (driving, loading and unloading) a truck if necessary for remote concerts.

Welcoming Committee:  Assuring that new musicians to the orchestra are welcomed and oriented.  Distributing the Musicians’ Handbook.  Administering the Player Information Form.

Liaison to Friends of the All Seasons Orchestra (FASO) and Lead Friend: The Liaison to FASO recruits and works with a non-musician person to serve as Lead Friend. They work with the Working Group to develop FASO.  They assess needs that can be met by FASO.  Needs may include: Providing refreshments for concerts; Flier distribution and posting; Ushering at concerts, program distribution; Helping with set up and clean up at concerts


Persons holding key positions may be compensated dependent on need and availability of resources.  Compensation is coordinated through the City of Arcata.  Decisions regarding compensation are made by the Manager(s) in consultation with the WG.  Compensation is commensurate with qualifications and fair employment practices.


The City of Arcata serves as the fiscal agent of ASO.  Donations may be made to the Rodden Fund held by the City of Arcata, specifically to be used for All Seasons Orchestra, and are tax deductible.  Certain expenses (i.e. Librarian) are paid for ASO from the City of Arcata general fund.  The City of Arcata makes an annual financial report to ASO.






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