Poster April May 2023

Poster April May 2023

Registration is now open for the season that starts rehearsing on May 13, 2023

All Seasons Orchestra is open to players of all ages and levels of ability.  No audition is required. But, to play with ASO you must register.    The registration form is linked below.   You can return your filled out form to Susan Bicknell either through the regular mail (P O Box 688, Hydesville, CA 95547), or via email (s.h.bicknell@gmail.com).
Dues are waived for all students and any other members who request a waiver.  There is no set amount for dues, but we recommend $100 per year.  Donations are always welcome.  Dues and donations are fully tax deductible per our nonprofit status (EIN 82-3214753).  Dues are payable annually for the fiscal year from January to December.
 If you have any questions, please call or text Susan (1-707-599-4692).

Registration Form Summer May 2023

Set List and Conditions Summer 2023

Partnership in Music Orchestra

Two long established musical entities, All Seasons Orchestra and Humboldt Symphony, have joined forces to present the new Partnership in Music Orchestra.  PMO presented its first set of concerts beginning Saturday, November 5, 2022 at Fulkerson Recital Hall, Cal Poly Humboldt campus in Arcata, then December 10 at the Eureka Woman’s Club, and December 11 at the Fortuna Christmas Music Festival at the River Lodge in Fortuna. The theme of the concert was “Tell Me a Story.”  The orchestra retold some of the most famous stories of all time through lavishly orchestrated music. The second set of concerts will be presented April 30 and May 6.  (See poster above.)

The Partnership in Music Orchestra prperforms under the baton of Garrick Woods, Associate Professor of Music at Cal Poly Humboldt.  His leadership has enabled this historic town-gown partnership.  In this partnership, the long-standing practice of involving community musicians in the performances of Cal Poly ensembles has been formalized into a new and more robust entity, the Partnership in Music Orchestra.  With the signing of a Memorandum of Agreement between Cal Poly Humboldt and All Seasons Orchestra, Cal Poly students are receiving academic credit for performing with All Seasons Orchestra.

The November concert explored the world of storytelling through music.  The orchestra  paid tribute to the most famous storyteller of all time, with Scheherazade Themes by Rimsky-Korsakov (transcribed by Richard L. Weaver).  The most famous love story of all time was elaborated from three composers’ perspectives (Romeo and Juliet Introduction and Finale by Peter Ilyitch Tchaikowsky (arranged by J. Frederick MÜller), Romeo and Juliet Suite by Serge Prokofieff (arranged by Merle J. Isaac), and the more modern version in which Romeo has been replaced by Tony, Juliet by Maria, and the Montagues and Capulets by the Sharks and the Jets, West Side Story, composed by Leonard Bernstein (arranged by Jack Mason)).  The program included storytelling through the genre of opera with Ethiopian Dance from the opera Sylvia by Leo Delibes (orchestrated by Henry F. Gilbert), and through the more modern genre of the musical with Momma Mia composed by Benny Andersson, Stig Anderson, and Bjorn Ulvaeus (arranged by Roy Phillippe).  Momma Mia is a case of musical selections that were created independently, that were subsequently seen to be compellingly related in their own story.  In this piece, the story was created from the music.  The arts of animation, film making and musical composition combined to create the delightful How to Train Your Dragon by John Powell (arranged by Sean O’Loughlin).  Finally, the pastoral life was depicted in the classic by Ludwig van Beethoven, Symphony No. 5 (The Pastoral Symphony), Movement 5 (The Shepherds’ Hymn) (arranged by Vernon Leidig).  The two December concerts presented a slimmed down list of the storytelling pieces and added several holiday ones.  Sleigh Ride by Leroy Anderson, and How the Grinch Stole Christmas by Dr. Seuss, Albert Hague and James Horner provided lively holiday spirit that was capped off with Hallelujah Chorus by G. F. Handel.

The Partnership in Music Orchestra (All Seasons Orchestra and Humboldt Symphony) invites musicians to join.  Community members may join the orchestra in all sections by contacting All Seasons Orchestra Manager Don Bicknell (707-599-4691, or don.w.bicknell@gmail.com).  No audition is necessary.  Cal Poly students may join the orchestra by contacting conductor Garrick Woods ((801) 857-5092, or (garrick.woods@humboldt.edu).  The next open enrollment period for PMO begins now for the Summer.  Rehearsals for Summer begin May 13.  PMO rehearses most Saturdays at the Eureka Woman’s Club, 1531 J Street, Eureka.  Cal Poly students have an additional rehearsal most Wednesday evenings on campus during the regular school year.

Musical Director/Conductor

Garrick Woods, Professor of Music at Cal Poly Humboldt, has been conducting for All Seasons Orchestra and the Partnership in Music Orchestra since June  2021.

Message from Garrick Woods: To the players of the All Seasons Orchestra,

G Woods 1

Hello!  I am grateful for the opportunity to perform music again and that I can make music with you!  The camaraderie and unity of an orchestra is one of the things I have missed most during Covid restrictions.  I believe that you get out of music what you put into it and I intend to put my whole heart into what we create.  I hope you will do the same!   When we meet for the first time in a few weeks, here are some things to expect:

I believe in mistakes!  “Strong and wrong” is the motto.  Accuracy, control, refinement, those are all processes.  Intention is irreplaceable.  It also makes it way easier to identify areas for improvement.  Performance is not the time to begin putting your heart into it, that needs to be practiced as well!  On a related note, my priorities for musical expression are: first rhythm, second expression/tone quality, third intonation/correct notes.  They are all one thing, but if you must neglect some element, don’t let it be going for it!  We are not the LA Phil; you don’t get fired for missing notes!

Dynamics and silence are the soul of the orchestra.  Get comfortable playing VERY soft.  Get comfortable playing VERY full, Get comfortable waiting long enough in rests and pauses.  In every story we tell, we want to have the confidence that audiences are hanging on our words.  Silence and breath are a powerful part of that.  Watch how your favorite musicians use space and never apologize for it.

Practice makes flexible.  I’m no kinesiologist, but one exercise session per week does not really make a significant contribution to your overall health in nearly the same way that several sessions do.  Continued individual practice and improvement on the technique and repertoire of your instrument prepares you for anything that may come up in music you read or play elsewhere.  Everything a composer asks of you IS attainable, but may require curiosity and problem-solving.  Keep that practice process active!

I am very excited for what we will build together!  Garrick

ASO Virtual Orchestra Project 

In December 2020, we released our first virtual concert, Sandpaper Ballet by Leroy Anderson.  Musicians from three orchestras, All Seasons Orchestra (USA), Eureka Symphony, and All Seasons Orchestra (York, UK) came together virtually to create this virtual performance for your enjoyment.

ASO Virtual Orchestra Project #2:  In Celebration of Spring — Waltz of the Flowers

Our second virtual performance is complete and we hope you enjoy it:

Screenshot Waltz of the Flowers 1

Cropped Full Orch by Ellen

We moved !!

All Seasons Orchestra is happy to announce it has found a new home venue and has moved to the Eureka Woman’s Club January 2020.  We will always be grateful to the City of Arcata, Division of Parks and Recreation for giving us our start and supporting us for over 30 years.  Follow us as we grow and improve and share our love of music with the members of the Eureka Woman’s Club whose motto is:  “Working toward the betterment of our community through cultural, educational, and social programs.”

Eureka Woman's Club Image ewc-drawing-500

Eureka Woman’s Club, 1531 J Street, Eureka CA

ASO serves musicians of the Redwood Coast of all ages and abilities by providing a friendly and supportive atmosphere in which to practice, learn and improve.  We also promote public enjoyment of music through free performance.  As of January 1, 2020, All Seasons Orchestra holds its rehearsals at the Eureka Woman’s Club most Saturdays from 10 am to 12 pm at 1531 J Street, Eureka.  We do not require auditions.  Musicians in all sections are invited to come and join the orchestra.


All Seasons Orchestra gratefully accepts donations.  We use your donations to purchase new music, to purchase and maintain percussion instruments, for expenses like truck rental and riser rental, and to pay our conductor and concert master small stipends.  All Seasons Orchestra is a nonprofit corporation under IRS 501 (c) 3.     You may make your tax deductible check out to All Seasons Orchestra.   Please mail your check to Don Bicknell, P O Box 688, Hydesville, CA 95547, or leave it in the donation box at any concert.

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